Linkword courses are written by an expert on applying memory research to real life memory problems including remembering vocabulary and grammar. Below is a list of his book publications by some of the world’s leading publishers.


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  • Gruneberg M, Morris P, and Sykes R (1987) (Eds). Practical aspects of Memory. John Wiley and co
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Dr Gruneberg is a former President of the Society for Applied Research in Memory and Cognition, an international learned society. He has been involved in a number of broadcasts for the BBC, including writing the original script for the BBC QED programme, THE MAGIC of MEMORY and was the scientific consultant for the BBC series on Unforgettable Memory 


2. Dr Gruneberg has published a large number of studies in academic journals showing that Linkword courses are far faster, easier and more enjoyable than normal learning methods. No other language course commercially available has done this.

Academic Publications on Linkword:

  • Beaton, A. A ., Gruneberg, M. M., Hyde, C. Shufflebottom, A. & Sykes, R.N. (2005). Facilitation of receptive and productive foreign vocabulary acquisition using the keyword method: The role of image quality. Memory, 13, 458-471
  • Sommer S. and Gruneberg M (2002) The use of Linkword Language computer courses in a Classroom situation; A case study at Rugby school. Language Learning Journal, 26, 48-53
  • Gruneberg M. and Pascoe K. (1996) The effectivness of the keyword method for receptive and productive learning in the elderly. Contemporary Educational Psychology, 21, 102-109
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  • Gruneberg M (1992) The practical application of memory aids. In Gruneberg m and Morris P. (Eds) Aspects of Memory: The Practical Aspects. London Routledge.
  • Gruneberg M and Jacobs G (1991) In defence of Linkword. Language Learning Journal, 3,25-29.
  • Gruneberg M and Sykes R (1991) Individual differences in attitudes to the keyword method of foreign language learning. Language Learning Journal.4, 60-62

Furthermore, over 100 independent research studies have shown that compared to normal learning methods, the underlying method of association used in the Linkword courses is up to 3 times faster.


3.  Linkword courses are unique in combining vocabulary learned by association with simple step by step grammar points. These are then used in sentences to consolidate learning. Within 30 minutes learners are translating sentences and know that Linkword works for them. Good and poor language learners benefit greatly from Linkword.

More than 750,000 people have already enjoyed learning and greatly boosted their language confidence with Linkword.